What we provide

We offer a range of specialized, modern and pioneering services in the field of information technology in accordance with the best practices and international standards, which contribute to the development of the business of our clients both in the governmental and private sectors.

  • Customer Experience

    We believe that good design and continuous improvement of the user experience are the real investments that contribute to building brand loyalty and ensuring customer retention. In WSM, we design complete customer journey steps until they obtain the product, making it a useful and highly relevant experience closely aligned with the users.

  • Consultancy Services

    We leverage our extensive experience of over ten years and our expertise in the field of integrated technical consulting. We specialize in studying, designing, building, and managing strategies, improving work environments and competencies, and assessing the digital readiness of organizations

  • Talent Competencies Development & Training

    We strive to be pioneers in empowering and training national capabilities across different age groups. We achieve this by offering a variety of programs in various tracks, such as competency development programs, workplace training programs, and specialized and professional certifications.

  • Professional Services

    In WSM, we take pride in innovating and developing integrated, smart, and compatible technological solutions tailored to address the challenges faced by organizations. This facilitates smooth workflow, enhances performance, and improves digital quality.

Success Partners

About Us
10 years of growth

We started in 2014 as a prestigious Saudi shareholding company, recognizing the technical challenges faced by the Saudi market due to the Kingdom's digital transformation strategy. We positioned ourselves as a trusted partner, offering top-notch digital services and products for the digital age. We stay up to date with global technologies and best practices to provide exceptional services. Our expertise extends beyond building products; we excel in developing client-centered consulting plans, we have gained the trust of many leading entities and brands in the Kingdom, become the compass of these entities in their digital transformation and succeed in delivering a message that:

“WSM is your agent for change and your partner in digital transformation.”


Shaping futures

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