WSM launches its training program under the slogan #WSM_Capabilities

With steady steps, WSM has launched its training program titled #WSM_Capabilities. This program highlights the high training capabilities that the company employs in training and preparing national cadres for the job market. It also aims to improve and develop their skills and personal capabilities, enabling them to access experiences within six months that might take a year in other entities. This is attributed to the environment provided by WSM and the quality of the assigned tasks. Each team member's profile is individually studied to provide them with tasks that align with their skills.

Through this video, WSM aims to showcase all these possibilities through the trainees' responses and statements from department heads. WSM recognizes the potential among many young men and women who possess high ambitions in the field of information technology, business management, and analysis. This wealth is waiting to be discovered. Therefore, WSM has established a sustainable methodology in the training and development process, proud of the experiences it possesses in shaping the professional transformation of the youth. WSM also takes pride in the talents discovered, leaving a mark among them.